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Reposa Dining Chair styled by Bolia / Rikki Frost for Bolia.

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Inspired by the legendary Frank Sinatra, Ol’ Boy Blues Bar & Grill needed an identity that exuded the charm and warmth of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. Designed by Farm Design, Pasadena, California 

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Oslo 2022’s 

The world’s largest event for winter sports meets Nordic Simplicity. More on:


Design: Space. Carline Park.

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GELID [adjective] extremely cold; icy.

Etymology: from Latin gelidus, ”icy cold”, equivalent to gel(um), “frost, cold”.

[Zaria Forman]

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by Adam Dobrovits.
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by Marcin Sacha.
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Forest I.
Popsicle, Ice Lolly, Ice Block, Icy Pole…
Wooden stools. Design by Staffan Holm.
Gio Ponti, flatware Diamond, 1955. Stainless Steel. Manufactured by Reed Barton, USA, distributed by Arthur Krupp, Italy.
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Photo series by Andrew Gallo.
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Ira Limon.
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