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T.V. Quotes

Fancy script treatment of words from some of my favorite TV chracters/shows. By Justin Van Genderen

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The development of this product is meant to support the people in Indonesia by creating more workplaces for professional cigar makers who were left without a job due to failing economy and strong competition from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. It is planned to be a Fairtrade product and a significant share of the profit would go back to the people that produced the cigars. Most Fairtrade products fail to address the high-end market segment. I wanted to show that a Fairtrade product doesn’t need to look “cheap”. You can buy exclusive and high-quality goods and still be able to help people in developing countries.
by Olesya Kurulyuk 
Source: Packaging Served 

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David Goh

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99U Conference

Extensive branding for 99U Conference

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Estudio Menta   |

“Svago is an Italian–Mexican restaurant located in Mexico City. The logotype was deeply inspired in Italian Art Deco, geometry in typography, street trattorias and traditional printing processes like silk screen.”

Estudio Menta is a multidisciplinary graphic atelier based in Guadalajara, Mexico, directed by Laura Méndez. The focus of her practice is on experimentation. Through a workshop methodology, she features lively colors and natural traces that are representative of her beautifully crafted visual language.

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Olssøn Barbieri   |

“Brand Creation for Hellstrøm Aquavit.”

Olssøn Barbieri, formerly known as DesignersJourney, is a multidisciplinary design agency specializing in brand identity and packaging design with particular focus on wine/spirits, luxury, fashion, culture and art industries. Founded with the intention of working independently and without compromises in regards to conceptual development and quality of execution, the company evolves by pursuing new standards of design through research and experimentation. Olssøn Barbieri was founded in 2005 by Henrik Olssøn and Erika Barbieri.

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Cassette tribute prints | Neil Stevens

Holy drool, these are absolutely amazing.


Event Identity Design
An amazing identity design project found in the portfolio of Tiago Campea, a communication designer from Porto, Portugal. IJUP is an event by the University of Porto to promote young researchers.
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"Eclisse" by Vico Magistretti, 1967. #bienaldediseño #lampara #lamp #diseño #design #picoftheday #instadaily #igerschile #instagramers #iphonesia #ingoringeling


Deichmanske Library

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Amit Jakhu   |

“Inspire is a fictional candy brand created for Package Design 2.”

Amit Jakhu, currently studying Graphic Design at Humber College in Toronto, ON. I have a strong passion for design and the ability to solve problems for others motivates me to keep going every single day.

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Graphic Design for an Event
In 2010 multi-disciplinary design studio Noeeko created several design materials for print and web to celebrate the Year of Chopin in the city of Krakow.
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